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Southern Caribbean Cruising — Dominica; Reaching Roseau

The above panoramic is of Roseau, the capital city of the Southern Caribbean island nation of Dominica. Dominica was not on our original Grandeur of the Seas itinerary, but that’s okay. We were originally slated to hit Trinidad before heading back to Barbados, but we’d stayed on both Trinidad and Tobago before. And, as you would expect, this last-minute substitution was related to the pandemic.

Bahamian “Courtesy Flag” on Grandeur of the Seas

We didn’t spend any real time in Roseau, as Ursula had us signed up for another tour. So, today I’m going to show you the sights of Roseau as seen from the decks of our ship Grandeur of the Seas before we take off on Wednesday’s article and start heading south. Let’s begin with this shot looking east on Church Street containing both the Bethesda Methodist Church (foreground left) and Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral:

Bethesda Methodist (left) and Roseau Cathedral (background)

In this closer view you’ll notice that the cathedral is missing its steeple, which was lost in Hurricane Maria in 2017:

Roseau Cathedral missing its steeple

Looking south from Grandeur give you a view of the outlying suburbs:

Town of Loubiere in the distance (right)

Looking east along Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Blvd. you’ll see the remains of yet another church. These are the still standing ruins of St. George Anglican Church, which was nearly destroyed by Hurrican David (1979). Hurricane Maria finished off the roof and interior 38 years later)

St. George Anglican Church ruins (right)

As you may have noticed above, Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Blvd. is a pretty colorful street in its own right. Let’s line up for a better look and going heading aft. The green building is the Garraway Hotel: (official unsecure website: Garraway Hotel)

Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Blvd.

And looking north, towards the Roseau city cente, you’ll see in the foreground a bunch of neat, touristy stalls with a bunch of neat, touristy merchandise:

Cruise port vendor stalls

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)

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Fun Photo Friday — Southern Caribbean; Puerto Limón, Costa Rica Favorites 2

Puerto Limón

Today concludes Puerto Limón’s visit. Next week we head to… well, let’s just wait for the surprise, shall we?

“The best of lemon is its people”
Vargas Park Color
Balconies and Colorful Doors
Wappin Man (What’s Happenin’, Man); Welcome to Pto. Limón Costa Rica

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Southern Caribbean Cruising — Puerto Limón, Stained Glass and Other Colors

The stained glass and interior design elements of Limón’s cathedral were totally unexpected. Below is a gallery/slide show of these features:

But now it’s time to start heading back to the cruise port and our awaiting yacht, Grandeur of the Seas. Along the way we ran across this old second-generation “Type 2” VW Microbus now used as a sales prop:

VW Type 2 (second generation)

We left Limón with the feeling that we’d taken in the important highlights. I hope you agree. Next week I’ll be showing you one last destination in this Southern Caribbean series before we move on to another travel topic closer to home. At least closer to my home. At any rate, here are two final images for today, then we finish with Limón completely on this week’s Fun Photo Friday:

Essential Costa Rica
Welcome to Port Limón

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)

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