Utrecht, Netherlands — Part 2

Lauwerhof Water Tower apartments; Utrecht, Netherlands

Today I will make good on my promise from Monday — less talk and more photos. And today’s pictorial offerings will concentrate on the historic city center and canals.

Voorstraat, Utrecht, Netherlands

Large swathes for these 900-year-old canals were paved over back in 1979 for a highway, but in 2019 Utrecht tore up that section and restored the canal system. The result, I’m sure, is much more photogenic than looking at multiple lanes of concrete and vehicles:

Utrecht, Netherlands canals

So, let’s spend the rest of today’s article just enjoying a relaxing stroll around the city center and canals. In the photo gallery and slide show below, you’ll find views at both canal-level and looking down at the canals from above:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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