Fun Food Friday — Schnitzel at Gashaus Burgkeller; Limburg, Germany

Schnitzel Time in Limburg at Gashaus Burgkeller

After a busy morning of sightseeing, it was time for the three of us to stop for lunch. We’d seen several possibilities along the, but this rustic place had convinced us to come back and give it a try. So, trekking back into Old Town to where Domstrasse T-bones into Fischmarkt, we found our way back to Gasthaus Burgkeller. The actual address is Fischmarkt 10, in case you’re wondering… or wandering, as the case may be. Whichever it is, we can highly recommend this establishment for refueling the legs and lubricating the joints.

Gasthaus Burgkeller, Fischmarkt 10, Limburg, Germany

As you can see below, you have a choice of seating options. You can sit either outside or in:

Streetside dining at Gasthaus Burgkeller
Gasthaus Burgkeller’s inside dining option

We opted to dine inside, as the establishment is just so charming:

Ursula and our daughter perusing the menu options

Oh, and there’s the third seating option, which is sitting at the bar:

Gasthaus Burgkeller bar

I started off my joint lubrication with a German wheat beer — a tasty Allgäuer Büble Weissbier:

Allgäuer Büble Weissbier

We then all three opted for variants of the schnitzel, which I will show momentarily. But first, here’s a sample of the salad that arrived with our main meal:

Gasthaus Burgkeller house salad

Now for the schnitzels, which were accompanied by pomme frites (what we call French fries). All three schnitzels were excellently prepared, and the pricing was well within what I consider reasonable by European standards. Here is what we each had, beginning with our daughter’s choice, the Schnitzel mit Pfefferrahmsoße (schnitzel with peppercorn sauce):

Schnitzel mit Pefferrahmsoße (schnitzel with peppercorn sauce)

Ursula opted for Schnitzel nach jägerart, or Jägerschnitzel (schnitzel with creamy mushroom sauce):

Schnitzel nach Jägerart (Jägerschnitzel)

I, of course, went plain with the Schnitzel nach Wiener Art, or Wienerschnitzel — a plain breaded schnitzel accompanied with a quarter of lemon.

Traditional Wienerschnitzel

All three started with a base breaded beef cutlet that was pan fried to near perfection. The sauces were superb, with my favorite being the peppercorn. Ursula preferred the cream mushroom sauce. In retrospect, I would probably go with one of the sauce choices rather than the Wienerschnitzel-style I chose, but even mine was delectible. Those sauces made a great dipping option for the accompanying fries, by the way.

The week after next I will continue this journey with our next destination — Utrecht in the Netherlands. But next is reserved for other non-travel related stuff including a review of a wonderful book by one of my favorite authors. Until then….

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