Fun Food Friday — Delightful Mexican lunch at The Pink Store

The Pink Store restaurant

The Pink Store is a place to go for arts and crafts, tequila, mescal, and a whole lot more. Want a drink? There’s a full-service bar with some of the best, and strongest, margaritas on the planet:

The Pink Store’s bar

On this visit, made on 19 April of this year, we brought along two cruise buddies whom, quite by accident, we found live right here in El Paso. We met on an Alaska cruise last year (Part 1 of cruising Alaska off-season here: Cruising in the Age of Covid-19 — Part 1). Here are Bob “O” and Cory “M” Bustillos posing with Ursula “L” at the Puerto Palomas touristy sign:

Ursula “L”, Bob “O”, and Cory “M”

And here they are as we set down for lunch:

Bob and Cory at The Pink Store

By the way, not only does The Pink Store have indoor dining:

The Pink Store dining room
The Pink Store dining room

You also have the option of sitting outside:

Outdoor dining patio at The Pink Store

Now I’m going to have to apologize. I snagged a photo of the chips, salsa, and pico de gallo:

Chips, salsa, and pico de gallo

But we were so engrossed in our conversations that I totally missed the guacamole and queso fundido con rajas (melted cheese with poblano chile strips). Don’t be grossed out, but I didn’t remember to start taking pictures of the food until we all had already started to dig in. Here is the partially eaten remains of a Plato Mexicano, with included rice, frijoles, taco, red enchilada, and chile rellano(my recipe for that here: Get Stuffed on Chile Rellenos):

Plato Mexicano combination plate

I had The Pink Store’s chimichanga:

Chimichanga plate comes with two chimichangas containing shredded beef

As did Ursula:

Another chimichanga plate

Cory’s Plato Mexicano lasted long enough for me to get the shot above, but Bob didn’t give me much of chance to get my act together:

Title of this movie: Gone in 60 Seconds!

Next week we’ll continue looking at what The Pink Store has to offer in the way of arts, crafts, furniture, and more.

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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