Southern Caribbean Cruising — Grenada; touring the island

The fellow you see above is a Mona monkey, which were introduced to Grenada from Ghana. You can find these guys in the forest, and I’ll tell you in a few moments where we encountered this cute, friendly fellow. But first I left you hanging on Monday with our visit to Annandale Waterfall & Forest Park. So, here is Annandale Waterfall:

Annandale Waterfall

By now Garfield St. Louis was driving us high into the mountainous interior to Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve. Here we would see small towns among lush tropical forests, lots of flora, and of, course, some out-of-place fauna.

Approaching Grand Etang National Forest

Finally there:

Grand Etang Forest Reserve

Here are some of the beautiful flowers we saw at this next destination:

The visitor center here is a former home. Inside you can view a short film on the history of the park.

Grand Etang visitor center

While outside you get a stunning view of the Grand Etang Lake, nestled inside a volcanic crater:

Grand Etang Lake; elevation 1,740 feet/530 meters

I mentioned above that here you would see some out-of-place fauna. The cute little fellow below has ancestors in Ghana, and his descendants were brought to Grenada aboard 18th century slave ships. This is the Mona monkey, whose cheek pouches can store as much food as its stomach:

Mona — known for her smile perhaps?

Time to start heading back into St. George’s:

St. George’s, with Grandeur of the Seas in the background

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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