Southern Caribbean Cruising — Cartagena

Last Monday in photos from the bastion I showed you a pink dome in the distance. Today I shall reveal what that was. It’s the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria. We’ll just shorten that to Cartagena Cathedral, like everyone else does. Construction began in 1575 and was completed 37 years later. This beautifully ornate pink and yellow tower looks great from the front:

Cartagena Cathedral

But it is equally impressive from the south wall as well:

Cartagena Cathedral

I only had a brief moment inside to photograph the wood altar and vaulted beamed ceiling, as my tour was hoofing it off in another direction:

Cartagena Cathedral

My fault, as I had also wasted a few moments to snag this shot of colorful art being hawked directly across the street:

Cartagena art vendor

Much of the tour I spent photographing balconies, doors, windows, and domed towers, as you’ll see in today’s photo gallery/slide show:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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