Southern Caribbean Cruising — Cartagena; Touring Old Town

Taking aim and the new section of Cartagena

We still have much to see and do here in Cartagena, so I’ll be showing you the sights both this week and next. But I’m going to depart from the usual and just jump around, mixing and matching photos as the mood strikes me. It’ll almost be like two weeks of consecutive Fun Photo Fridays, only with more text among the photos. If you like this little experiment, or if you don’t, just let me know. Before we go traipsing around Cartagena, though, let’s take two last looks at the bastion, including a little café that calls these fortified walls its home:

Baluarte de Santo Domingo
Café May atop Baluarte de Santo Domingo

Among Columbia’s most celebrated artists is, of course, Fernando Botero. His signature style is tinged with both political and social satire. His figures invariably show people of ample proportions, such as this young lady on Plaza de Santo Domingo:

La Gorda Gertrudis (The Fat Gertrude)

Let’s skip over to Plaza de los Coches (Car Square) for a view of the monument to the founder of Cartagena, conquistador Pedro de Heredia.

Monument to Pedro de Heredia

Now let’s just cruise around on foot and take in the sights:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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