Transatlantic — Mijas Street Scenes

The photos you are viewing in this series on Mijas and Málaga were taken on 3 November 2021. And today I’m going to concentrate on images taken whilst roaming streets of the old portion of Mijas. Mijas is just a really fun town to photograph, as the whitewashed buildings offer up a nice canvas for the occasional splash of color against the walls, or the bright greens or the surrounding hills.

“Street Light”

We’ll begin where we left off last week, near the bullring. Heading north on Plaza de la Muralla takes us right past Castillo de Mijas and its lush gardens:

Castillo de Mijas (Castle of Mijas)

The image below was taken on Calle Málaga, at Plaza de la Libertad and less than four minutes’ walk from the castle. It’s an example of what I mean about the occasional splash of color backdropped by stark whitewashed walls:

El Quijote on Calle Málaga

And standing in front of El Quijote puts one in view of the clock belltower of Iglesia San Sebastián (San Sebastian Church):

Iglesia San Sebastián

Continuing north on Calle Málaga we came across a set of steps leading to an outdoor dining patio. On that patio were these colorful flowerpots:

The Ubiquitous Flowerpots of Mijas

Be on the lookout for some fun tiled signage along the way. Here we have La Panaderia de Maria Quero (The Bakery of Maria Quero) established in 1904:

La Panaderia de Maria Quero

On our alone time from the tour Ursula and I went into the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (Center of Contemporary Art). I’ll be showing off the CAC on Wednesday. The following photos were snapped after we exited the CAC and continued northward on Calle Málaga:

Just leaving the CAC
Rooftops from Plaza de la Virgen de la Peña


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