Cruising Alaska Off-Season — Endicott Arm; The Sunny Version

Oh, what a difference a week makes. We’re back in Endicott Arm, headed for Dawes Glacier, but this time we’re under bright sun and blue skies. Which, in my book, makes for much better photography in most cases, unless you’re going for mood. For instance, just compare the shot above with this one from Fun Photo Friday I posted on December 17:

Endicott Arm one week earlier

Even the icebergs and growlers come off looking much more intense in color, and the clear portions of ice positively come alive with sparkle:

Endicott ice glistening in the sun

To see what I mean about the clear ice, here’s a closer view of the iceberg depicted above:

Like peering into a blue topaz

The rich blues of Dawes Glacier came through much more intensely as well:

Dawes Glacier in sunlight

Even the sunlit rocks dotting the way really showed off their colors, and reflections in the water were enhanced:

Endicott rock with color

Now let me leave you with these three sunlit landscapes:


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