Cruising Alaska Off-Season — Arriving Ketchikan

Ketchikan was a one-shot deal on these two off-season Alaskan back-to-back cruises. It was a substitute on Cruise #2 for the previous cruise’s Sitka visit, as weather made Sitka an iffy docking proposition. As Ketchikan is one of our favorite Alaskan destinations, Ursula and I were not disappointed at the substitution. The weather this morning alternated between sunny and drizzly. The picture below, for instance, was taken just 59 minutes after today’s lead photo above:

What a difference an hour makes

We attempted to wait out the alternating weather, but finally gave in as Ursula had in mind a special visit this day. You’ll see that Ketchikan destination on Wednesday. Today, however, we concentrate on the scenes we enjoyed upon arrival.

Dockside Ketchikan is aimed at cruise tourism

And since we had shifted to a balcony for Cruise 2 I took full advantage of sheltered picture taking from on high. Here is a Ketchikan panorama I took at 10:29 a.m.:

Ketchikan Panorama

Three more photos taken as we waited for a potential break in the weather:

Whether it’s the Caribbean or Alaska, there’s an ever-present Diamonds/Tanzanite International
Stedman Street in the distance
Tourist-favorite Creek Street in the background

Well, we’ve waited long enough. Time to grab umbrellas and venture out onto the streets, beginning with this dockside statue entitled “The Rock” dedicated to historical figures from Ketchikan’s past:

The Rock

Coming off the ship you’ll notice Front Street curves into town while Spruce Mill Way continues parallel to the cruise dock. Here are the businesses along Spruce Mill:

Along Spruce Mill Way

But if you want a Ketchikan sign for your scrapbook, turn left instead onto Front Street, walk over a block, and get your camera ready for this sight on Mission Street:

Welcome to Ketchikan


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