Cruising Alaska Off-Season — Enjoying Picturesque Skagway

Most of the Skagway photography I showed you last week was taken on Voyage 1 (Monday, 27 September 2021), and it was cloudy that day. All of today’s images were taken eight days later (5 October 2021) during a much sunnier visit. And rather than giving a lot of longwinded commentary, most of the sights you see today will be self-explanatory. With one major exception. That is a brief word on the Red Onion Saloon, which I promised last Wednesday to tell you about.

Corner of 2nd and Broadway — Red Onion, Arctic Brotherhood, Golden North Hotel

The Red Onion Saloon is one of the older, less respectable establishments in Skagway. It dates back to 1897, and at that time it operated as a brothel. But did I say less respectable? Let me correct that. The Red Onion had a reputation of being the finest bordello in town, so on that count it did reach a level of “respectability” in the eyes of the clientele. Today the Red Onion is not just a saloon; it is also a museum dedicated to those had working young lasses who plied their trade during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Red Onion Saloon and noted Museum of Bordellology… or is that Brothelogy?

Now I’m going to present the first of two photo gallery/slide shows for today’s article. As always, just select an image within the gallery to enlarge it and bring up the slide show. This first gallery highlights just some really neat Skagway building details:

This next gallery offers up views of Skagway backdropped by snow-topped mountains, as well as a couple of images taken by the cruise dock:


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