Cruising Alaska Off-Season — Juneau; Out and About

Ovation of the Seas

We’re still in Juneau for today’s article. And, once again, photos for this week’s Juneau experience were taken either during Voyage 1 (26 September 2021) or Voyage 2 (4 October 2021). The easy way to tell which day is which is to look at the sky. Voyage 1 we encountered clouds and intermittent drizzle, while Voyage 2 gave us bright, sunny skies. The image above was taken shortly after 2:00 p.m. on the 26th, shortly after our late arrival into Juneau. Here’s Ovation later that afternoon, as we headed back aboard to prepare for dinner:

Ovation of the Seas later that afternoond

After disembarking I spent a little time on the dock composing some fun waterside photos of the colorful buildings dotting the Juneau landscape:

Colorful Juneau

As far as 4 October being the sunnier of our two visits during the fall of this year, there was one exception. As I mentioned on Monday, we did encounter a bit of fog during our morning sail through Stephens Passage heading into Juneau. But the fog gave a nice contrast to the show topped mountains along the way:

Transiting Stephens Passage — morning of 4 October 2021

A couple of sights I didn’t show you on Monday, starting with this dedication to the Filipino community of Juneau. It’s a bust of Dr. José Rizal, a hero of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial control who was executed by firing squad in 1896 at the young age of 35:

Honoring Juneau’s Filipino community with a bust dedicated to Dr. José Rizal

Now for a photo gallery and slide show of some of the sights and colors along South Franklin Street:

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