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Christmas Wishes

On this very special day
I would just like to say
To followers, fans, and friends alike
That bowl of egg nog do not spike…

…Too much

Merry Christmas, Everyone. And stay safe ! ! !


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Cruising Alaska Off-Season — Juneau; Out and About

Ovation of the Seas

We’re still in Juneau for today’s article. And, once again, photos for this week’s Juneau experience were taken either during Voyage 1 (26 September 2021) or Voyage 2 (4 October 2021). The easy way to tell which day is which is to look at the sky. Voyage 1 we encountered clouds and intermittent drizzle, while Voyage 2 gave us bright, sunny skies. The image above was taken shortly after 2:00 p.m. on the 26th, shortly after our late arrival into Juneau. Here’s Ovation later that afternoon, as we headed back aboard to prepare for dinner:

Ovation of the Seas later that afternoond

After disembarking I spent a little time on the dock composing some fun waterside photos of the colorful buildings dotting the Juneau landscape:

Colorful Juneau

As far as 4 October being the sunnier of our two visits during the fall of this year, there was one exception. As I mentioned on Monday, we did encounter a bit of fog during our morning sail through Stephens Passage heading into Juneau. But the fog gave a nice contrast to the show topped mountains along the way:

Transiting Stephens Passage — morning of 4 October 2021

A couple of sights I didn’t show you on Monday, starting with this dedication to the Filipino community of Juneau. It’s a bust of Dr. José Rizal, a hero of the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonial control who was executed by firing squad in 1896 at the young age of 35:

Honoring Juneau’s Filipino community with a bust dedicated to Dr. José Rizal

Now for a photo gallery and slide show of some of the sights and colors along South Franklin Street:

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Chichen Itza — Wandering Around

Time to just wander around Chichen Itza and take in some of the sights. We’ll begin today with that feathered serpent’s head at the base of El Castillo pyramid that I told you about last week:


The reclining figure depicted below is a Chacmool. These statues occur throughout Mayan culture, and they depict the rain god Tlāloc. Invariably, the Chacmool is posed the same way wherever it is found — reclined, propped up on his elbows, with the head turned at right angles from the body.


The rest of Chichen Itza I’ll present to you as a photo gallery/slide show:


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