São Miguel Island, Azores — Ribeira Grande and Salto do Cabrito

The next two stops on our tour of São Miguel Island were the town of Ribeira Grande and the waterfall at Salto do Cabrito. Since we’re discussing the tour in chronological order, I’ll begin today’s article with Ribeira Grande. And we’ll begin with the charming and ornate façade of the Church of Espirito Santo:

Igreja do Divino Espírito Santo (Church of the Holy Spirit)

How about a quick gander at a wonderful liquor store specializing in some of the local spirits? This is A Mulher de Capote (The Woman in the Cloak) factory store at 11 Rua de Goncalo Bezerra (not to be confused with actual distillery located to the south of downtown):

A Mulher de Capote (11 R. de Goncalo Bezerra)

Of course, no Portuguese destination would be complete without at least one colorful balcony image. This is an outside view of Mulher de Capote:

Time to head out of this wonderful little town and into the countryside for a neat waterfall located about 5.2 kilometers/3.2 miles driving distance to the southeast of this store. Next stop: Cascato do Salto do Cabrito:

The hiking trail to Salto do Cabrito Waterfall

So, what exactly does Cascato do Salto do Cabrito translate to in English? As best I can tell, it’s something like Waterfall (or Cascade) of the Leaping (Salto) Kid (as in baby goat—Cabrito). Whatever it means, it always translates to beautiful and worth the trek:

Cascato do Salto do Cabrito

The vegetation is this area is lush, green, and altogether wonderful. The flower at the top of this article was photographed here, as is this image:

Cascato do Salto do Cabrito

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