Ireland — Cobh; St Colman’s Cathedral

Our months-long look at Ireland and Northern Ireland draws this week to a close. We finish up in Cobh, the port city for Cork, Cork County, southwest Republic of Ireland. Starting next week I’ll present to you our transatlantic voyage aboard Brilliance of the Seas, with a single stop in Ponta Delgada, Azores. Then after that we’ll be boarding another ship for yet another adventure on this back-to-back pair of cruises. But until then, we’re going to look around Cobh, and in particular the impressive St Colman’s Cathedral.

St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, County Cork, Ireland

Construction on St Colman’s Cathedral began in 1868, and the structure took 51 years to complete.

St Colman’s Cathedral

The exterior of St Colman’s is limestone, and the façade is filled with interesting details:

St Colman’s exterior
St Colman’s exterior

But the interior is what really stuns. Upon entry the visitor’s eyes are immediately drawn to the vaulted wood ceiling:

St Colman’s vaulted ceiling

Then your eyes lower to take in the altar:

St Colman’s altar

Of course, the stained glass is exquisitely detailed and rich in color:

St Colman’s stained glass

Even the stonework into which the stained glass is set is impressive in St Colman’s:

St Colman’s interior

We’ll look around this church again on Wednesday’s article, as well as view Cobh itself. Until then, here’s a little gallery of St Colman’s Cathedral interior views:


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