Northern Ireland — Roaming the Giant’s Causeway

Welcome once again to the Giant’s Causeway, an area of Northern Ireland consisting of some 40,000 volcanic basalt columns rising from the Earth. And, yes, you can even climb onto this alien landscape:

Perched atop basalt columns at Giant’s Causeway

Normally I’m not a fan of people getting into my shots, but Giant’s Causeway is the exception. The crowds give these columns some perspective of size:

Giant’s Causeway

Even so, one does enjoy catching this wonder sans people as well:

Basalt columns at the Giant’s Causeway

That’s especially true when you get to those columns displaying a splash of color. Here I managed to defocus the less interesting foreground rocks in favor of the orange columns:

Orange columns

As the columns approach the salt water, they begin to lose their color and darken:


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