Northern Ireland — Reaching the Giant’s Causeway

Over this week and next I’ll be presenting mostly images from an area that has amazed me since I first saw pictures of it many years ago. This is Northern Ireland’s surreal World Heritage Sight (designated: 1986) known as the Giant’s Causeway.

Even the approach to this magical area is filled with enchantment. Below you start to get a hint of what awaits you here:

Giant’s Causeay.

The Giant’s Causeway sits atop an old volcanic fissure, and here you will find an incredible series of 40,000 interlocking columns of basalt:

Basalt columns of Giant’s Causeway

Even those columns which do not fully protrude from the ground give one an other-worldly feeling:

Giant’s Causeway

The very ground here appears as one giant mosaic of naturally occurring basalt tiles:

Nature’s basalt mosaic

But it’s the columns thrusting into the air that provide the most visually striking features:

Basalt columns

Perhaps you can see now why I’ll be devoting the next two weeks to this mystical place. I hope you concur with that decision. If so, I’ll see you Wednesday.


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