Ireland — Kilkenny Castle

Today I present to you the magnificent KilKenny Castle. This incredible residence was home to the Butler family from 1391 until 1935. Alas, that taxes did them in, and in 1967 Lord Ormonde relinquished the dilapidated remains of the estate to the State for the bargain basement price of £50. See: History of Kilkenny Castle.

Butler/Osmonde Coat of Arms

Next week I’ll show you the interiors of this wonder, but today we’re concentrating on the exteriors:

Kilkenny Castle

The grounds you see above are east of the actual structure. Here’s a view of the estate gardens awaiting you on the west side of the castle:

Kilkenny Castle gardens

Now let’s enjoy some of the exterior detail of this example of late 12th century Norman architecture:


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