Northern Ireland — Belfast Architecture

Montague Burton Buildings

Today we’ll just sit back and watch the architecture go by while we sit atop that Hop-on/Hop-off, beginning with the image above of the 1929 Montague Burton Buildings on High Street and Corn Market. This structure currently houses a Dunnes Stores, but also once hosted a Woolworth’s:

Woolworth’s relief on the Montague Burton Buildings

Just northeast of Montague Burton is the Albert Memorial Clock at Queen’s Square and Victoria Street which you can see in the distance as we head toward it on High Street:

High Street looking toward Albert Memorial Clock

Now let’s get a closer look at the Albert Memorial Clock, which was completed in 1869:

Albert Memorial Clock at Queen’s Square

One of the places we visited this day aboard our Hop-on/Hop-off was Northern Ireland’s Parliament Buildings. These structures are located east of Belfast on the Stormont Estate:

Parliament Buildings, Stormont Estate
Parliament Building

Now let’s head back to Belfast City Hall for a glimpse at the Titanic Memorial:

Titanic Memorial at Belfast City Hall

Other structures displayed in today’s article I’ve described before. But today I’m going to show them in compositions different from past depictions:


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