Northern Ireland — Belfast Hop-on/Hop-off Views

Great Eastern Bar

We’re on the Hop-on/Hop-off tour for today’s look at Belfast. So, let’s see the sights, beginning with “RISE“, a sculpture in west Belfast:

RISE sculpture

I always get a chill down my spine when I see commemorations of the old Soviet Union, and not in a good way. Here is the Kremlin Bar:

Kremlin Bar on Donegall Street near Union Street

Just days before we arrived in Belfast there had been a devastating fire that gutted the historic Bank Buildings. Here are the still smoldering remains:

Bank Buildings

And here is Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church on Carlisle Circle:

Carlisle Methodist Memorial Church

And just moments away is this stunning spire atop the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Donegall at Carrick Hill:

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, completed in 1877

Between these two churches is the Orange Hall (1899) on Clifton Street:

Orange Hall on Clifton Street

Now for a few more sights from our Hop-on/Hop-off that day:


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