Circumnavigating Australia — The Beaches of Esperance

Esperance Area Beaches

On this day our tour took us to many Esperance area beaches, which we visited while transiting Twilight Beach Road. Some of the beaches we visited this day included names such as Fourth Beach, 2 Mile Beach, Twilight Beach, 9 Mile Beach, 10 Mile Lagoon, 11 Mile Beach, 13 Mile Beach, and other equally originally named areas.

Pounding surf

While the skies were not very cooperative this day, the crashing waves and pounding surf made up for the cloudiness.

Crashing waves

The rocky landscape in many of these areas also made fascinating photographic subjects:

Blue Haven Beach

We even saw the occasional surfer on our tour:


This next beach scene is reminiscent of an old Western:

Chicago Aermotor Windmill?

Some of the beaches this day were signed, and many were not. Here’s the signage for 11 Mile Beach:

11 Mile Beach, located 11 miles from Esperance

Two more beach scenes before we move on to Pink Lake:

Esperance Area Beaches

Esperance Area Beaches

Next stop the formerly pink Pink Lake, with an explanation of why it is no longer pink:

Pink Lake is pink no more

And a finally a panoramic view of Pink Lake:

Pink Lake panorama



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