Fall Foliage Cruise — New Brunswick; Fundy National Park

Bay of Fundy; Fundy National Park

We left the Big Salmon River Interpretive Centre after perusing the logging museum and watching a short video presentation. Diane Howarth drove our tour van east along the Fundy Trail Parkway, deep into the Fundy National Park, for more scenic vistas.

Bay of Fundy fall foliage

But before we get into the forest, another quick word about this exceptional tour company and our equally exceptional tour guide. Go Fundy Tours has as of this writing 242 English reviews on Trip Advisor, of which an astounding 238 reviewers give Go Fundy Tours a rating of ‘Exceptional’, and three more cited them as ‘Very Good’. That enthusiastic 99.6% approval is quite simply incredible, but being with Diane Howarth all day leaves no doubt that this company earned every one of those ratings.

New Brunswick plate

Now let’s experience the scenery within the Fundy National Park and along the Fundy Trail Parkway before we return farther below to St. Martins to compare previous low tide scenes to the high tide later that day:

Bay of Fundy; Fundy National Park

Lonesome pine

Now back to the fishing village of St. Martins, which I showed you last week during that day’s low tide. You’ll recall that the fishing fleet was beached that morning, which gave us this scene:

St. Martins image taken earlier, at low tide

But four hours later, here’s that same fleet:

St. Martins at high tide

Another look at high tide in St. Martins, this time near the Vaughn Street covered bridge:

St. Martins at high tide

This image is of those same boats earlier that morning:

Reflecting on the Fleet

Next week we head back to Quaco Head Light to look at the same subject during the light afforded at different times of the day, then take in the St. Martins Sea Caves for both low and high tide views before heading off to lunch. This week’s Fun Photo Friday will have some waiting for you, as well. Until then, one last glimpse at Fundy National Park:

Specks of fall among the green


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