Transatlantic — Iceland; Dimmuborgir

Dimmuborgir (Dark Castles) lava field

Continuing southeast from Goðafoss we approached Mývatn, which translate to Midge (mý) Lake (vatn). And, while we didn’t encounter any midges on this excursion, the region surrounding Mývatn is notorious for them.

Mývatn Lake

Mývatn was created some 2,300 years ago during the eruption of a volcanic fissure. And it is this same eruption that resulted in the creation of today’s topic, the Dimmunborgir (Dark Castles) lava fields lying along the eastern edge of Mývatn.

Dimmuborgir formation

There is not a lot to say about the structures left after a lava flow, so I’ll let today’s photographs of this natural wonder do the talking. Click on any image below to enlarge and bring up today’s slide show of this fascinating area:


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