Transatlantic — Skagen; Out and About

Skagen, Denmark

Skagen is easily traveled on foot. Today we start from Skagen Havn (Port of Skagen) and head toward town and beyond. First, let us begin with some more images of the port:

Skagen Havn

Here  is a statue dedicated to the fishermen and sea rescuers of Skagen:

Dansk Fisker og Redningsmand (Danish fisher and rescuer)

Not far from the Swedish Seamen’s Church which I showed you last week is a really neat glassblowing factory/gallery:

Skagen Glaspusteri (Glassblower)

Skagen Glaspusteri

Walking through the town you’ll find charming street scenes such as this:

Skagen, Denmark

And for a fun shot, here is Ursula posing beneath an inverted rower:

Ursula beneath a rower

Further north is where you’ll find the ‘new” Skagen Church built in 1841:

Skagen “new” Church

Not far from the memorial Danish Fisher and Rescuer statue we came across this unusual piece of bronze:

Skagen, Denmark


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