54 Days at Sea — Cádiz; Architectural highlights

Cádiz, Spain

Beginning next week we move on from Cádiz and land in Lisbon, Portugal. One thing you may notice that the two share in common is some exquisitely intricate tile work decorating the various buildings:

Another feature the two have in common are the stonework towers:

Cádiz, Spain

If you combine the two you get this:

Cádiz, Spain

Before I started the Cádiz portion of this 54 Days at Sea series, I noted that Cádiz comes off at the short end of the stick after Santorini and Malta, but I also told you that it still holds its own as a destination worthy of photographing.

Cádiz, Spain

I hope from today’s series of photos concentrating on architectural details that you come to the same conclusion.

Cádiz, Spain

The tall stone tower are impressive:

Cádiz, Spain

As are the town squares:

Cádiz, Spain

And then there’s more of that beautiful tile work:

Cádiz, Spain

But architecture isn’t the only topic worthy of photography in Cádiz. To make that point I’ll leave you with some fun street photography:

Cádiz, Spain

Cádiz, Spain



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