Fun Photo Friday — Almudena Cathedral and Royal Palace Favorites

The Lamppost

I hate selfies. Nobody knows how to take them, especially when incorporating the portrait in a tourist shot. Additionally, nothing gets my goat faster than some idiot with a selfie stick ruining my composition because they insist upon standing in front of the best view while holding that stick high above his head. If you must take a shot of others in your group, compose the shot while remembering the rule-of-thirds, snap the picture quickly, and get the heck out of everyone else’s way. Remember, the people in our group are secondary to the scenery:

Dolores and Earl Daniels posing with Ursula

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, though:

Ursula standing guard

Here is today’s gallery/slide show:

So concluded our tour of Madrid. Next up is a tour of the Norwegian Epic as we board the first of two cruise ships on our back-to-back voyages. But next week I’m going to take a break from this trip and rerun some holiday articles on Christmas lights and how to photograph them, as well as present my annual Christmas poem written in the style of Edgar Allan Poe and a Christmas detective short story written in the style of Mickey Spillane. If you enjoy those, you might want to check out some of my murder mysteries for that new Kindle or Nook eReader you got under the Christmas tree.

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