Ecuador — Cuenca; More Ecuagenera orchids

Ecuagenera Orcid Farm

One of the two largest species of flowers, ranging over most of the entire plant, is the orchid. Here at Ecuagenera over 8,000 species of orchids, as well as a wide selection of other types of flowering plants.

Ecuagenera Orcid Farm

Eight thousand species of orchid is surely enough tor even the most famous collector of orchids in detective fiction, Rex Stout’s creation Nero Wolfe. Now, being both a fan and a writer of mysteries, you just know at some point I was going to connect orchids with Nero Wolfe!

Shameless plug time: Alas, my characters are not nearly as famous — Donovan “Don” Grant of Decisions, and Reynard Chevalier of The Globe (caution on The Globe: adult content; violence; sexually graphic). Both books are available for the Kindle and Nook and priced at 99¢, € .99, £ .99. Now that’s cheap entertainment!

Ecuagenera Orcid Farm

Excuse the advertisement, but I haven’t done that in a while and sales have dropped off to nothing. Now, back to more orchids and other flowers:


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