Fun Food Friday — Cuenca, Ecuador; Cositas Restaurant Review

Cositas Restaurant on Simón Bolívar

On our first evening in Cuenca, Ecuador, Ursula and I asked various locals where they enjoyed eating for a taste of traditional local food. Several recommended the place you see here — Cositas 10-24 Restaurante. How good was this place? Good enough that Ursula and I broke away from the tour group the next night and, with two tour comrades in tow, returned for a second helping. More on the second visit and our companions in a moment.

Cositas 10-24 Restaurante

On our first visit to Cositas we noticed the wall was adorned with innumerable photos of celebrities and body builders.  Here we met an expatriate American who claimed she was the former spouse of one such body builder who also had starred in several movies. I asked the name of the actor/body builder expecting to not recognize the name at all, but she surprised me when she replied, “Steve Reeves.” “Hercules?” I asked. And, yes, he was indeed the actor from the ’50s Italian films Hercules and Hercules Unchained. She was very pleased that I recognized the name well enough to associate it with his most famous role.

Ties and Celebrity Photographs

Our dinner companions on our second visit were Purviz Eivazi and his lovely wife Fatemeh, a delightful couple from Henderson, Nevada, originally by way of Iran. An absolutely wonderful couple whose company we enjoyed very much.

Parviz Eivazi

Fatemeh Eivazi and Ursula

Unfortunately, Cosita has no printed menu, and I failed to make note of our orders on these two visits, but both Ursula and I recall that the meals were very good (obviously, since we returned), and that Purviz and Fatemeh also enjoyed their choices. In place of traditional menus, photographs and descriptions of various offerings are displayed on the wall as you first enter and behind the cash register.

Menus behind the Register

Menus on the Wall

Everything was nicely prepared and delicious, as you can see from these photos of our dinners:

Cositas Restaurant

Cositas 10-24

Cositas 10-24

On your visit to Cuenca I can highly recommend this enchanting place with its unique choice in decorating accessories, intimate dining areas, and charming owner and staff. Google Maps seems a bit confused as to the location, so beware. Costias 10-24 is at 4-49 Simón Bolívar Street between Mariano Cueva and Vargas Machuca, about three and a half easy walking blocks east of Parque Calderón.


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3 responses to “Fun Food Friday — Cuenca, Ecuador; Cositas Restaurant Review

  1. rogparish

    In all of your travels, have you found language to be any kind of barrier? Or are you polyglot (living in El Paso, I would imagine you habla more than a little Español)?

    • Alas, Roger, I’m (sad to say) your typical monolingual American. I speak a little Spanish, but not enough to even mention. Fortunately, I have two things going for me in my travels:

      First, English seems to be well on its way to becoming a universal language. I’m seldom in a position abroad where I very far from finding at least one person who has a working knowledge of English.

      Second, there’s Ursula. She’s Swiss, and her native tongue is Schweizerdeutsch. She mastered English while working as a nanny in London; she’s fluent in both German and French; she has a working knowledge of Italian; and she has a very good ear for Spanish, but with limited speaking ability in that language.

      As for me, I’m more or less fluent in English, non-French Canadian, Australian, New Zealander, and I can get by in Bajan (Barbados), Bahamian, Belizian, Dominican, and Grenadian. All told, according to Wikipedia I speak either the official or the de facto language of 54 sovereign states and 27 non-sovereign entities. Which, once again, means I have absolutely nothing about which to brag concerning my linguistic prowess.

  2. What an interesting interior.