Ecuador — Guayaquil: To the Metropolitan Cathedral and Iguana Park

Parque Seminario (a.k.a., Iguana Park)

West of the Torre Morisca is yet another park, but this one contains a twist. It’s overrun with some very friendly iguanas. This is Parque Seminario, directly in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil. It’s also aptly nicknamed ‘Iguana Park”, and for obvious reasons.

Parque Seminario (a.k.a., Iguana Park)

These guys and gals are running around all over the place. While it’s illegal to feed them, or even approach them, they will come right up to you hoping that you’ll drop a crumb or two.

Parque Seminario (a.k.a., Iguana Park)

Iguanas do make great pets, and they’re quite docile and tame, but here in Ecuador they’re also known as dinner. No worries here, though. This cuties are protected.

Parque Seminario (a.k.a., Iguana Park)

You’ll see more on these beauties on Wednesday’s article, with photos taken on our tour-guided return trip. So, before we move on to the cathedral, here are a couple more iguanas mugging for the camera:

Parque Seminario (a.k.a., Iguana Park)

Parque Seminario (a.k.a., Iguana Park)

As I mentioned earlier above, Parque Seminario is located directly in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral, or Catedral Metropolitana de Guayaquil. Let’s go take a look:

Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil


Outside décor:

Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil

Now let’s head inside:


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