Fun Photo Friday — WhiteKnightTwo Favorites

WhiteKnightTwo Panoramic

WhiteKnightTwo Panoramic

WhiteKnightTwo doesn’t only act as a launch platform.  Something I didn’t mention in Wednesday’s blog is that WhiteKnightTwo is also built to handle the stresses of parabolic flight, which results in something approaching zero gravity.

Parabolic flight profile from Wikipedia article on Reduced Gravity Aircraft

You’ll notice that this is not for the faint of heart.  While that Zero-G portion of the flight may look like fun, take a look at what awaits you and both ends of that experience — a force approaching twice that of Earth gravity.  That’s a pretty scary thought.  But this capability also means that WhiteKnightTwo can also double as a training environment to prepare travelers for the effects of micro-gravity.

But enough about WhiteKnightTwo’s other talents.  Here is today’s photo gallery:

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