Dinner was Just Ducky

There is a delicacy for which certain high-end restaurants in Beijing are famous.  It’s called “Peking Duck.”  I must say that it is indeed impressive.

After a very exhausting day our guide Mao Gu’i “Jim” Chen of China Spree turned us loose for a bit of rest back at the hotel, only to return a short while later to herd us to our next destination — the famous Bianyifang Restaurant dating back originally to 1855 using an established name that goes back even further.  A lot further.  To 1412 to be exact.

Can you imagine . . . a restaurant that traces its roots back to 364 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and some 80 years before Columbus tripped over the New World on his way to Beijing for some Peking Duck?

The most incredible thing you’ll first notice about Peking Duck is the tasty, crisp skin.  It’s simply indescribably.  You just have to taste it to know what I mean.  Served with the duck were lotus root, noodles, snow peas, other assorted vegetables, a type of crepe in which to place the duck meat, various condiments, and a rather interesting Yanjing beer.

Here’s the feast complete with descriptions:



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5 responses to “Dinner was Just Ducky

  1. Roy

    My father (a chef) had an 1800’s Duck press and made duck 2-3 times a year. When he got older and his health declined I would take him to restaurant that a friend owned and would make Peking Duck on special order. I love duck and have not had it n years. My father passed seven years ago and my friend has sold the restaurant. Boy did you get my juices flowing with post. Thanks for bring up great memories of my father that I seem to have forgotten.

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  3. Real Peking duck doesn’t compare to what they serve as Peking duck in western Asian restaurants. Great you got to experience the real thing.