Barthelona ith in Thpain

Barcelona (41)

Christopher Columbus Pointing the Way

I don’t speak a lot of Spanish (taco, enchilada, chile relleno, and perhaps most importantly, cerveza), but I do know pretty much how to pronounce things . . . except apparently in Barcelona.  Here, the “s” is pronounced as a “th” sound, resulting in some potentially harrowing situations.

Ham made a great sandwich for a quick lunch

Ham made a great sandwich for a quick lunch

For instance, I was practicing this rather unique Barcelona-ism in case I had to say something in the local Spanish (Catalon is the predominant language here, but good luck getting me to try that) when I noticed Ursula was about to make a major misstep.

I hurredly said, “Wath out.  Dog thit.”

By the time she asked, “What?” it was far too late.

Ursula and I had been to Barcelona twice previous to this occasion, so I didn’t really take many photographs this time of the city.  Rather, I was eagerly waiting for something we hadn’t done before — the interior of Antoni Gaudí’s incredible Sagrada Familia.  That will be the subject of an upcoming three-part series with Parts 2 and 3 focusing on the unbelievable interior.

Meanwhile, below is today’s slideshow of Barcelona.  Watch for the Arc de Triomf, the Torre Agbar Tower, the bustling and crowded Las Rambla pedestrian mall, a very interesting guard house, and other sights of Barcelona:



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4 responses to “Barthelona ith in Thpain

  1. one of my favorite places :)! like coming back there 🙂

  2. Great photos as always, Doug. Torre Agbar bears an uncanny resemblance to London’s Gherkin a.k.a. Swiss Re Tower. Same architect (Norman Foster) probably.

    • I, too, was struck by the simularity. It turns out however that Torre Agbar was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. I now know that because I just looked it up. ;o)

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