Sagrada Familia — The Exterior

131 Years in the Making

131 Years in the Making

In our previous travels to Barcelona Ursula and I had strolled past the Sagrada Familia several times, but the crowds waiting to access the interior were daunting to say the least.  This time Ursula was determined that the sights within would no longer elude us.  She ordered tickets in advance with a reserved time.

Flowing Structure

Flowing Structure

There is so much to see of the interior that I will be presenting it in two parts, along with a more in-depth discussion of this fascinating basilica that has been under continuous construction now for the past 131 years, and which still has between 13 and 15 more years to go until completion.

For now, however, click on any image below to view a slideshow of the incredible details that decorate this unbelievable structure:


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  1. Those photographs are stunning, and the story of its construction is incredible. Imagine all the changes it has seen as the years passed.

    • So glad you enjoyed both the photos and the narrative. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Best of luck with your latest release — “Killgrace and the Inverted Planet.”

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