The Flowers of Anchorage

The Alaskans do love their flowers.  Must have something to do with the short summers, the gray skies, and the white winters.  But sandwiched between the monochromatic seasons is a festival of color.  We witnessed the same phenomena in Skagway, Ketchikan, and Juneau, so it’s not a regional thing.

If you love bright colors and festive vegetation, you can do a lot worse than this place.



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6 responses to “The Flowers of Anchorage

  1. Lovely. For some reason, I always forget Alaska actually HAS flowers. Like summer doesn’t exist for its residents in some sort of land of ice and snow, Star Wars “Hoth” kind of environment.

  2. Linda

    Beautiful ! Sandpoint blossoms during the summer months too as the growing season is short here also.

  3. Lovely photos. Like Karen said above, flowers are not really what comes to mind, when you think of Alaska.

  4. Thank you, ladies. So glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  5. beautiful! i home to make it to Alaska in this lifetime. Thx for sharing.