From Seward to Anchorage

Our cruise voyage finished where last year’s cruise began, in the port town of Seward.  We bid farewell to our home

One of the most scenic highways in the world is the stretch between Seward and Anchorage — the magnificent Seward Highway.  Along the way you can stop to see Portage Glacier (which we skipped this voyage, having seen it last year) and spectacular views of pristine meadows surrounded by white-topped mountains.

Also along the way is also the fun Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  Their mission?  To protect Alaska’s wildlife, which come out in herds on Friday nights and roam the bars, saloons, and dance halls into the wee hours of Monday morning.  Oh, wait.  Wrong wildlife.  What you will see there are American Bison, deer, black bears, bobcats, bald eagles, and other assorted (and sober) animals.  Of course, you don’t have to go to a conservation center to see Alaskan wildlife.  You could just wait until you hit the streets of Anchorage on the weekends.



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5 responses to “From Seward to Anchorage

  1. rogparish

    Spelling Nazi alert! Third para, second sentence should be “Their mission?”

  2. Sandra

    Gorgeous pictures!

  3. Your photos are brilliant…or Alaska is. 🙂 The colors are really amazing. We’re coming away from the dog days of summer here in Southern California, and everything is brown, brown, brown. Love these posts on Alaska. Really beautiful.

  4. We stopped in for a couple of hours, wife and two kids..7 & 11.We had a good time, it gave a chance for the kids to see the wildlife up close in Alaska, not a zoo type stucture, basically a farm that takes care of rescued animals. Elk, BBears, GBears, Deer, Buffalo,Moose, Reindeer, etc. I bought most of my souvenirs here, but Im a guy and I like the Elk, Deer, Moose thing.Plan for 3-4 hours max.