Revisiting Le Cirque—the MS Statendam Version

This blog article may seem familiar to you.  That’s because we did something similar aboard Holland America’s MS Ryndam this past April, on our transatlantic voyage to the beaches of Normandie and beyond.

Holland America’s ships have an upscale restaurant that is well worth trying at least once every voyage.  These dining rooms are called the Pinnacle Grill, and they are indeed worth the extra amount you’ll spend in them.  But even more special is Le Cirque night in the Pinnacle Grill, and you’d better make reservations well in advance if you want to partake of this very special culinary treat.

At least once each voyage (and more on longer voyages), the Pinnacle Grill staff creates a special dinner using signature items from Sirio Maccioni‘s legendary Le Cirque restaurant founded in New York in 1974.  Such a dinner is made even more delightful when it comes the evening following a full day of cruising Glacier Bay.

The captions below speak for the individual courses we had that enchanting, romantic evening.  The waiter pictured with Ursula is an old friend—a friendly young chap who had served us many times before, during our numerous trips to the Pinnacle Grill aboard Holland America’s MS Prinsendam during a 54-day voyage back in March through May of 2010.  Yes, he recognized us just as quickly as we did he.



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6 responses to “Revisiting Le Cirque—the MS Statendam Version

  1. Looks like a lovely meal!

  2. Linda

    Yum Yum ! It’s always nice to be remembered by friends. Glad you had a fun trip.

  3. Sandra

    Yum, yum! Looks wonderful.

  4. A pretty decent meal, but my physician has fallen down dead in a fit of envy!

  5. Good one, André.

    Linda, Karen, and Sandra — getting hungry yet?

  6. You are a very bad boy – putting up all that very pretty food. Just when I’ll be needing to shed 3 or 4 pounds so I can fit into my wetsuit!