An Endorsement from David Knox Whitmire . . . or is it Williams?

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That name not familiar?  Then you haven’t read The Globe yet, have you.  But, first, some background.

There are a lot of characters in The Globe.  It is, after all, a mystery.  And what would a mystery be without suspects? Lots of suspects?

One of those characters is David Knox Whitmire.  What makes this particular character unique is that I based much of Mr. Whitmire’s physical characteristics on my fest friend from college (and the best man at my wedding), Psychology Professor David Knox Williams.  I don’t as a rule base my characters on real people, but I wanted to reward David for all the help, encouragement, and hours of proofreading he’s done for me over the years.  So, I asked David if I could base a pivotal character on him, and he readily agreed with the caveat that I change the last name in honor of his late mother.  David then proceeded to practically write the character of David Knox Whitmire for me—contributing everything from the dastardly Mr. Whitmire’s educational background to his place of residence and even particulars on his rather shady business dealings.  Hey, that’s just the kind of help any author craves.

Anyway, David decided to do a video review of The Globe while in character.  He even dressed the part.  He then posted the review on his Facebook page and the Amazon Product Page for The Globe.

Oh, and, yes, David does indeed have acting experience, mostly with a local theater group in his hometown of Spartanburg.  And, no, David is not heterochromatic.  Like much of the fictional part of the character, that too was an invention of the real David’s imagination.

Good job on the review, Mr. David Knox Whitmire . . . or is it Williams?

Milestone alert:  I was just informed by my weblog service provider that this is the 200th post to my blog.



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3 responses to “An Endorsement from David Knox Whitmire . . . or is it Williams?

  1. That was really clever, R. Doug. I really enjoyed that.

  2. Thanks, Karen.

    Yeah . . . that David is a pretty clever guy, in addition to being a great friend.