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Wishing Everyone a Great Thanksgiving Celebration

As we gather
‘Round the table
Enjoy the company
Stay nice a stable

Visit with friends,
And family, too
Keep discussions calm
And take this cue:

When Uncle Bill
Brings up Trump
Pass the ‘tatoes
Say, “Don’t be a chump”

Tell Uncle Bill
“If politics you must discuss”
“Grab a leg”
“And go leave us”

Then boot his butt
Onto the stoop
Return to the meal
Enjoy the group

You’ll be happy
And he’ll be sad
But peace will reign
And everyone glad



­©R. Doug Wicker — Author
permission to reproduce granted
with proper attribution

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Guess I should have written that ACHDTB Shutdown article 5 weeks ago!


January 25, 2019 · 12:57 pm

Obvious? Yes.

Obvious? Yes. But I simply could not resist the pun:

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