Transatlantic 2022 — Valencia; Our Next Port of Call

Our next port of call came three days after leaving Tenerife, Canary Islands. Like the Canaries, we were at another Spanish port. But this port was on mainland Spain east of the Strait of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean. So, on 11 May 2022 we found ourselves in Valencia. If you’re keeping track, that means Vision of the Seas had completed the transatlantic portion of this 14-day cruise, and we were getting close to our final destination. And, as is frequently the case, Ursula had us lined up for another tour. First stop — Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències (Valencian)/Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (Spanish)/City of Arts and Sciences (English, of course).

Museum of Sciences; City of Arts and Sciences

This incredible city-within-a-city contains many stunning architectural gems, fountains, reflecting pools, works of art, and, of course, museums galore. One such structure is L’Hemisfèric, which contains an IMAX theater, a planetarium, and a “Laserium” laser light show.

L’Hemisfèric; City of Arts and Sciences

Yep, lots to see and photograph here. I’ll leave you with this taste of art before we move on in the tour:

Blue Lips at the City of Arts and Sciences?

From the City of Arts and Sciences our tour bus took into the city. We alighted from the bus in the Old Town portion of Valencia within easy stroll distance of our next attraction, Plaça de la Verge (Plaza of the Virgin).

Plaça de la Verge, Valencia, Spain

In Plaça de la Verge you’ll find the spectacular fountain imaged below. That is Font Del Túria:

Font Del Túria; Plaça de la Verge, Valencia

We’re just getting started here at Plaça de la Verge, though. There’s a rather impressive church — Valencia Cathedral. We’ll be walking around the perimeter of this incredible piece of work on Wednesday. Until then I’ll leave you with these samples of what awaits you:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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