The Mexican Riviera—Cabo San Lucas

It’s Mexican Riviera Week here at  Monday we visited Acapulco.  Wednesday we strolled the fish markets of Ixtapa and stood in awe of the majestic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta’s old town section.

Today we visit Cabo San Lucas.  Cabo is Ursula’s and my favorite Mexican destination.  This incredible, enchanting place is located at the southernmost end of the Baja California Peninsula.  It’s a bit more modern than the old section of Puerto Vallarta, and light-years beyond the traditional fishing village of Ixtapa, but it has a charm that transcends the ubiquitous mega-resorts populating the Mexican coasts.  Shopping is fun without the super high-pressure sales tactics of other resort areas (it’s just high-pressure here; not super high).  Dining is exquisite, with countless venues from which to choose.  By the way, that 90-foot lighthouse “landmark” you see tourists fawning over and framing in their viewfinders?  It’s a fake.  Inside is the No Worry’s (sic) Beach Club (a bar and grill), and at the very top is a solitary table for VIPs and the well-heeled.  Even so, go ahead and snap away.  Everyone else does.

And then there’s the breathtaking beauty of the Land’s End coastline and the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.  Take a water taxi or sightseeing boat out to the very tip of Baja and snap away at the sheer cliffs and the seals resting upon the rocks.  If you’re a bit more adventurous, rent a kayak and muscle your way out there through the surf.

Enjoy the views, then book a trip:



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6 responses to “The Mexican Riviera—Cabo San Lucas

  1. R. Doug, I am so excited about this post. Usually I enjoy all of your photos and secretly covet your travels, but today, I can share in your fun having been to Cabo a few times. It is really gorgeous and has some fantastic restaurants.

  2. Glad I could rekindle some of your fond memories of Cabo, Karen. It is indeed an enchanting destination—the perfect mix of natural beauty and resort fun-in-the-sun.

  3. Doug, after hours spent researching book marketing strategies and such (just to finish the conversation we had earlier), I came here to relax my eyes with something pleasant… and I’m glad I did it 🙂 Your pictures have a calming effect on me. I’ve never considered Cabo because I thought it was too turistic, but after having read your post I’m reconsidering.

  4. Monica—Cabo is a bit touristy, but much less so than, say, Mazatlán, Ixtapa (beyond the fishing village of Zihuatanejo, that is), or Cancun.

  5. Malou

    Great post and gorgeous pictures! The rock formations remind me of Etretat in Normandy.