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Southern Caribbean Cruising — Dominica; Scotts Head

Welcome to Roseau, Dominica

Time to step off the ship and head out toward the pickup point for our tour. But before we start heading south here’s another view of the hurricane damaged Our Lady of Fair Haven Cathedral and the Bethesda Methodist Church standing in the foreground:

A pair of churches

Along the way to where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean we would pass by Government House, the official residence of the president of Dominica:

Government House

About halfway to our destination we went through Pointe Michel, where we discovered the charming St. Luke Catholic Church:

St. Luke Church as seen from Louberie Road

And about half an hour later we alighted from the bus in Scotts Head. Here, on this small spit of land protruding out into the sea, is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. You can tell the difference immediately, as the Caribbean side is relatively calm:

Scotts Head Beach on the calm Caribbean side

While on the other side the Atlantic Ocean rages is a loud surf:

Scotts Head, Atlantic side

The nearby village of Scotts Head gives you some fun photos featuring local colors. Here is Scotts Head Village from the Caribbean side:

Scotts Head Village, Caribbean side

And here’s the village as seen from the Atlantic side:

Scotts Head Village, Atlantic side

Of course the boats stay on the calmer Scotts Bay side, which gives you colorful scenes such as this:

Scotts Head Bay

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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