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Circumnavigating New Zealand — Auckland; Dining Options

Majestic Princess in port

Between the circumnavigation series on Australia (beginning with: Circumnavigating Australia — Starting in Sydney) and the current circumnavigation series on New Zealand (starting here: Circumnavigating New Zealand — Fiordland 2019), it’s been a long, long blog haul. And before those I did a series on the stopover we made to the Cook Islands (starting with: Rarotonga, Cook Islands — An Airbnb Rental on the Beach; Dinner with Friends) before continuing on to Sydney. All told, I’ve been creating articles describing this trip since 27 April 2020, with only a few unrelated articles interspersed.

Ferry Building in the afternoon

As you may recall, this series was the culmination of actually two separate cruises. The first occurred in early 2019 aboard Majestic Princess. The second began one year later aboard Radiance of the Seas.

Looking over yachts to Sky Tower

But all good things must come to an end, and this series concludes on Friday. Yes, we’re still viewing Auckland, New Zealand this week, but let’s spend some time to talk about food. There are some great places to eat here in Auckland, but our favorite by far was an upscale place overlooking Viaduct Basin. This was a truly delightful discovery called Soul Bar & Bistro. Alas, silly me, we went there after sunset, and I neglected to bring along my camera. But I did snag earlier that day a photo of the outside dining area.

Soul Bar & Bistro — Fantastic restaurant

If you’re looking for cheaper fare, walk westbound along Jellicoe Street, in the Wynard Quarter just west of Viaduct Basin. You’ll soon come upon a sign reading Sanford & Sons. Head inside. There you’ll find numerous dining venues (Auckland Fish Market website), and a shared glass enclosed courtyard. It was here that we grabbed a bite for lunch from the Market Seafood Galley.

Sons? There were more than just Lamont? Who knew?

Market Galley is a delightful place. Here’s sampling of their wares, in a photo from their website:

Beer Battered Fish & Chips — Tastes as good as it looks

Here’s a view of a couple who really know how to enjoy the scenery near the marina at Viaduct Basin:

Looking across Viaduct Basin

I’ll leave you today with this fun bit of architectural detail.

Ferry Building architectural details

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