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Fun Photo Friday — Jerpoint Abbey Favorites

It’s Fun Photo Friday, and these are my picks for Jerpoint Abbey favorites:

Oh, what a tangled web we weave . . .
Wouldn’t Mind Having This as My Backyard Wall
Picturing the Sky
Bellyachin’ Serf?
Framing Jerpoint

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Ireland — Jerpoint Abbey interior

Today we’ll spend most, but not all, of our time perusing the interior the ruins of Jerpoint Abbey (1180-1541):

Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland

This wondrous area was declared an Irish National Monument in 1880, and I’m sure you can see why.

Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland

Inside you’ll even find the occasional sarcophagus-type tomb:

Other memorials dot the site as well:

When one considers that these structures were constructed using late 12th century methods, the detail is quite impressive:

Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland

Now let us head back outside for a last look of the exterior:

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Ireland — Jerpoint Abbey exterior

We’re now skipping ahead four days. After our jaunt to Belfast, we departed Dublin the next day by air to Amsterdam. After a couple of days in Amsterdam we boarded Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas. From there we headed straight back to Ireland, making port in Waterford. Then it was onto a tour bus into the Irish countryside. First stop: the 16 century ruins of Jerpoint Abbey.

Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland

Jerpoint Abbey has quite the history behind it. Established in 1180, this Cistercians abbey flourished until 1541. That was the year the abbey fell victim to King Henry VIII’s 1536-1541 Dissolution of Monasteries. Which just goes to show that some men will do anything for a divorce.

Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland

Today we’re going to concentrate on enjoying the exterior of this 12th century (constructed in 1180) abbey. On Wednesday I’ll reveal to you some of the interior appointments of this fusion of late Norman and early English architecture.

Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland

As you can see, the early Gothic influences abound everywhere here:

But the Norman fortification influence is equally evident:

I’ll leave you today with this final image:

Jerpoint Abbey

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