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The Swedish Coronavirus Experiment has failed . . . miserably

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell of the Public Health Agency of Sweden

As we head into our darkest Covid-19 pandemic days to date, it becomes increasingly important to look beyond quacks possessing medical degrees offering up placebo solutions that wind up causing even more illness, misery, death, and, as a direct result, prolonging the resulting economic chaos. So much for that Hippocratic Oath stuff. And I’m referring specifically now to two quacks in particular — neuroradiologist Dr. Scott Atlas and ophthalmologist Senator Rand Paul, neither of whom possesses a single, solitary credential between them giving either even an ounce of credibility in responding to infectious diseases.

Do not allow demonstrable ignorance masquerading as experts possessing medical degrees to get you or a loved one killed. Listen instead to people who are qualified in the field of infectious diseases rather than self-proclaimed experts whose medical qualifications extend solely to neuroradiology and ophthalmology.

Case in point: Sweden and the Great Herd Immunity Experiment.

Sweden’s national policy since early spring was to develop herd immunity by allowing rapid, unchecked spread, even if that meant sacrificing the elderly and the vulnerable. If herd immunity would succeed anywhere, Sweden was the real-world laboratory offering up the proof-of-concept.

Alas, Sweden’s experiment failed. It failed miserably. It is, in fact, getting even more people infected during this second devastating infection wave, resulting in even more unnecessary illness, long-term disability, misery, death, and mourning.

Please read . . . and I mean read carefully . . . the article in the link below. Then take the appropriate actions necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones until a vaccine becomes universally available. Because neither of these two quacks — nor the people at the national, state, and local levels taking their “expert” advice — is going to do it for you.

Sweden has admitted its coronavirus immunity predictions were wrong as cases soar across the country


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