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54 Days at Sea — Istanbul; More sights along the Bosporus and the Grand Bazaar

MS Prinsendam in Istanbul

The cruise tours are located just east of the Galata Bridge near the south end of the bridge, within just a few minutes walk.

Galata Bridge

We cruised northward up the Bosporus to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, also called the Second Bosporus Bridge, as it is north of the First/Bosporus/15 July Martyrs Bridge. Farther north, beyond where our Bosporus cruise would go this day, is yet a third suspension bridge. Beyond that is the Black Sea, where MS Prinsendam would head after departing this night.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Between the Fatih district and the Fatish Sultan Mehmet Bridge we sailed past Beylerbeyi Palace:

Beylerbeyi Palace

We also passed various buildings of interest, including this traditional wooden Ottoman house:

Bosporus cruise

I’ve already shown you one image of this next fortress, but here is a view of the Rumelian Castle with colorful trees in the foreground:

Rumelihisarı (Rumelian Castle) Museum

There is one other stop in Istanbul one simply must make. That would be the Grand Bazaar. Here you’ll find everything from fabrics, to gold jewelry, to furnishings, to spices, although the spice markets:

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar gold

Grand Bazaar fabrics

Grand Bazaar lamps

Spices, candies, and other foodstuffs


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54 Days at Sea — Istanbul; Galata Bridge, Golden Horn, and Lunch

Galata Bridge fishing

Ursula and I had visited Istanbul before, and the Galata Bridge was a highlight. Needless to say, we were definitely going back this time, and not just for the views of fishermen lining the railing. This bridge does more than just connect Istanbul across the Golden Horn; it’s also home to some great places for fresh catch lunch. Beneath the roadway supported by the Galata are restaurants and cafés.

Galata Bridge restaurants

Many of those restaurants offer an affordable lunch that includes a great fish sandwich and a beer.

Lunch beneath the Galata Bridge

But even before lunch Ursula and I were already out and about touring on this, our second full day in Istanbul. Prior to lunch we worked up an appetite by taking a cruise along the Bosporus. This cruise offers up some great photographic opportunities. As you cruise north of the Fatih district you’ll see the following sights:


Istanbul Ferry

Cruising the Bosporus

Leaving behind the Golden Horn, Bosporus, and Galata Bridge, don’t forget to glance around for other neat photographic opportunities. These following two images were from the MS Prinsendam’s the day before our Bosporus cruise and Galata Bridge lunch:

Old Ottoman wooden house


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