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Southern Caribbean Cruising — Dominica; Soufrière back to Roseau

That charming church you see above is Saint Mark in the northeastern quadrant of Soufrière just yards from Bubble Beach Spa. The colors and architecture of Saint Mark may at first appear stark until you recall how colorful the surrounding buildings and boats are in this small village. Sat Mark is just a fun, fun structure to photograph when the light hits it right, as it did in this afternoon shot.

Saint Mark closeup

I’m going to present three more images of Soufrière sights, then take you to a couple of attractions in Roseau:

After Soufrière we headed back north to Roseau for eventual reunion with our ship Grandeur of the Seas. But before we reboarded we had two additional places to see starting with a hilltop overlook of the capital city. This is the view from Morne Bruce Garrison and Viewpoint:, which is 400 feet/122 meters above sea level:

Roseau, Grandeur of the Seas (upper left), Windsor Park Stadium (right)

As I noted above, this is the former location of the Morne (Mount) Bruce Garrison, which defended Dominica from the 1770s until July 1854:

Morne Bruce Garrison historical marker

From Morne Bruce we descended back toward Grandeur of the Seas, but not before passing through the Dominica Botanical Gardens. Doesn’t this look delish? It even has a delicious name, sausage tree:

Sausage tree (Kigelia africana)

But let neither the name nor the appearance of this large (up to 15 pounds/7 kilograms) berry lull you into taking a nibble. Kigelia africana is poisonous to humans if eaten unprepared! But elephants and baboons love them straight off the tree.

Sausage tree berry

And here’s an example of a banyan fig tree:

Banyan tree in Domina Botanical Gardens

Fun Photo Friday will conclude not only this visit to Dominica, but completion of this series on cruising in the Southern Caribbean. Starting next week I’ll be taking you to place I’ve reviewed before, but which has since gotten a complete remake.

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