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Ireland — The Blarney Stone

Kissing the Blarney Stone — not for the faint of heart

We’re today going to take a look at the famous Blarney Stone, a structure some tourists feel the need to kiss. Planting your lips upon this rock, you’ll forevermore have bestowed upon you the gift of gab (great eloquence and skilled flattery). And who doesn’t want to become a silver tongued devil?

How “Blarney” came about

The Blarney Stone is actually atop the east wall of the castle keep. You’ll recall the north wall from last Monday, and you can see it below. That’s the wall facing to the right of the image. It’s atop the opposite south wall, not pictured here, where the Blarney stone sits:

Blarney Castle — North wall right side; East (Blarney Stone) wall left

In this next image, taken below the watchtower, shows the east wall of the keep. The top structure here is very similar to the south wall, so you can get an idea of how the Blarney Stone is situated. If this were the south wall, it would be in a spaces above one of the uppermost windows:

Watchtower and east wall

Now let’s head on over to the south wall and watch a tourist plant his mouth of this disgusting piece of stone:

Getting into position — suspended at a great height, and on one’s back

Why did I just say disgusting? Well, let’s forget for a moment the centuries of lips that have preceded your visit. Let’s even disregard the stories that this stone was installed as a deflector for a toilet (yuck!). Instead, let’s just focus on the rumors that drunk local youths like to make the trek up there and, to this day, empty themselves of their Guinness or Smithwicks.

Getting ready

Whether that’s true or not, it’s enough to make me want to forego the experience. I’ll just miss out of the gift of gab instead. Now let’s watch our intrepid hero cast caution to the winds:

SMACK ! ! !

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