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Fun Photo Friday — The Golden Arches

It’s another Fun Photo Friday, and this one’s a two-fer.  Not only are we going to take a look at some fun photos of Arches National Park, we’re also going to experiment (again) with Color Filtering Before Converting to Black & White.

First, let’s take a look at the drama of Arches National Park (click on an image to bring up enlarged versions in a slide show):

Now for a little return lesson on the use of color filtering in black and white conversions.  Take a look above at “Dead Wood” and “Reflections of Nature.”  Below you’ll see the same images converted to black and white.  The left side conversions were filtered for green; the right side red.  The green filtering will cause the sky to lighten and will darken the red earth, and red filtering will have the opposite effect.

To best compare the effects, open the green- and red-filtered images in separate windows (which as the added advantage of enlarging the images) and alternate between the two.

First, “Dead Wood”:

Now, “Reflections of Nature”:

When converting a color image to B&W, always remember to experiment with color filtering for the best effect.  Start with the two extremes — Dark Green versus Dark Red — and adjust the intensity as needed.


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