Utrecht, Netherlands — Part 4

Drieharingstraat, Utrecht, Netherlands

Monday was Utrecht canal tour time. Today it’s time to finish the boat ride (next five photographs), then hit the streets once again.

Canal sights, Utrecht, Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands canal ride
Zandbrug bridge; Jacobibrug bridge beyond
Café south of Jansbrug bridge
Schuttevaer Boat Cruise just south of Viebrug bridge

If you’re interested in this particular roundtrip Utrecht canal cruise, here’s the link to Schuttevaer Boat Cruise: Schuttevaer Rondvaart

Meanwhile, cruise over and back on dry land:

Il Pozzo pizzeria near Bakkerbrug bridge
On Bezembrug bridge looking west

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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