A Day in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany — The Sun Comes Out!

Stadtkirche St. Sebastian, Bischofsplatz (Bishop’s Square), Limburg, Germany

You may have noticed in my earlier Limburg an der Lahn photos that we were a bit gloomy. Well, we weren’t. The skies were. For instance, notice the cloudy conditions in the above photograph of Stadtkirche St. Sebastian (Limburg Town Church) on Bischofsplatz (Bishop’s Square). Fortunately, those conditions did not hold as the day progressed:

The Sun’s Out!

You may recall from last week’s Fun Photo Friday that I found Fiedel Hensler’s bicycle. While that was offered in jest, there is indeed a Kunstbäckerei Hensler (Hensler Art Bakery), located at Kolpingstraße 1, and it was there that I found the bicycle. I also found some really fun decorations that are well worth your time.

Kunstbäckerei Hensler

Make sure you take the time to zoom in on the really neat carvings here:

Kunstbäckerei Hensler

Now I’ll leave you with today’s gallery:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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